With strong links to world famous ballet academies and performing arts/dance schools, Gypsy Booth School of Performing Arts can provide the perfect start for young performers who want to perfect a much-loved hobby, or dream of turning it into a career.


A wide-ranging variety of classes are taught at the Gypsy Booth School of Theatre Arts. The classes have been carefully designed to appeal to all ages and standard, while maintaining a keen eye on producing well-rounded professional performers for modern theatre. The classes feature a variety of disciplines and techniques.


 Gypsy Booth School of Performing Arts has over 50 years experience in bringing the best out of young dance and drama pupils in the Watford area. This experience has helped the school to become a nationally established and recognised name in theatre arts. Click the link below to read more about our founder, Gypsy Booth...


 Joining Gypsy Booth School of Performing Arts offers up the opportunity to build confidence, perfect a much-loved hobby, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and have a huge amount of fun at the same time. However, for those that show exceptional ability and a desire to work in theatre, the school has the capacity to coach for a future career in performance art.